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City of Courtenay - Churches

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    A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley 

Churches in the City of Courtenay 

I believe the following are all the churches within or adjoining the City of Courtenay. If I have missed any please let me know.

 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Sandwick

 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Sandwick

Description of Historic Place
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sandwick, is a simple, one-and-one-half storey gabled-roof structure located at the top of Mission Hill. Situated on its original site, the church is surrounded by a substantial grove of Garry oak trees and features a civic cemetery and stone cairn adjacent to the church building.

Heritage Value

The significance of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sandwick, lies in its historic and aesthetic values, particularly for its role in the establishment of the Presbyterian faith in Courtenay, its unique vernacular architecture and Garry oak trees. 
Constructed in 1877, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is valued as one of the oldest surviving pioneer structures in Courtenay and is a symbol of the establishment of the Presbyterian faith in Courtenay and surrounding area. It is significant that the construction of the church was a community effort and was built by several pioneer Presbyterian families on donated land..............

St. Andrew's Church 
This church was built in 1876 as St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, also called St. Andrews Pioneer Church. It was a Presbyterian church until approximately 1950, and then was used for a few years as a Lutheran Church. It sat empty for over twenty years, until the descendents of the original builders began restoration work in 1977. It was used as a Congregational Church from 1989 to 2001, and is now Living Word Reformed Episcopal Church.
 Sign on front of church
Living Word sign in front of St. Andrew's Church
Services are held in St. Andrew's Church
 Living Word Sign at path entrance to church
Living Word Church is a parish of the Reformed Episcopal Diocese of Western Canada and of the Anglican Church in North America

Living Word Episcopal Church was started in 2001 by a group of Christians who were committed to honouring God by being faithful to the Holy Scriptures.  They knew that the “word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Heb. 4:12).  Most of those original members were Anglicans by background.  After several months of meeting without an ordained minister and knowing they needed some form of oversight, they became part of the Diocese of Western Canada of the Reformed Episcopal Church.  In 2008 the Reformed Episcopal Church became part of the Anglican Church in North America, a new province of the worldwide Anglican Communion in formation.  The ACNA is a federation of various churches, dioceses, and formerly independent jurisdictions all in the Anglican tradition.  Living Word is now a part of both the Reformed Episcopal Church as well as the Anglican Church in North America.

Living Word Reformed Episcopal Church
4778 Island Hwy. North
Courtenay, BC
V9N 5Y7
p: 250.334.9673

Partial View of the Courtenay Civic Cemetery
4768 Old Island Highway
 Piercy Family Monument
See inscription below

100th Anniversary of the arrival of the Piercy Family to the Comox Valley

Sign at St. Andrew's Church, Mission Hill

 St. Andrew's Church, Mission Hill, Courtenay, BC
  St. Andrew's Church, Sandwick, Courtenay, BC

1864 - 2011
Mother Church of the Comox Valley
As the pioneer era mother church for the Comox Anglican Parishes, this 1873(7) carpenter gothic styled church is a major historic landmark for the Comox Valley.  It was lovingly restored in 2004 onto a new foundation, along with a professional restoration of its organ and two notable stain glass windows.  Visitors and Anglican parishioners from around the valley enjoy summer services at St. Andrews from mid June until mid September........

St. Andrews Anglican Church
4634 North Island Highway,
Courtenay, BC

Biographical history

St. Andrew's Indian Mission Chapel opened in 1863. Services were conducted by a lay reader under the guidance of the "Missionary of Nanaimo and Comox Districts." Another mission at Comox, which was established for European settlers, was opened in 1871. The Church of St. Andrew, Comox was constructed in 1873 to replace a small church built in 1871 (destroyed by fire) and was consecrated on August 2, 1885. The Church of St. Peter, Comox was built in 1892 and was connected to St. Andrew's until 1913, when it separated. The Church of St. Mary, Merville was completed in 1915 at Grantham. "Sandwick and Courtenay" were combined with the parishes of Comox and Cumberland in 1917. Cumberland  was separated in 1919 and Comox was also removed in 1921. (Sandwick and Courtenay remained paired.) In 1960, the parish included: St. Andrew's, Sandwick; St. John's, Courtenay; and St. Mary's, Merville. Fanny Bay and Cumberland were added in 1971, removed in 1972, then added again in 1982. In 2006, St. Andrew's is part of the Parish of St.  John the Divine, Courtenay.   

St. Andrew’s Chapel has been designated as the home chapel for the RCMP.
St. Andrews, an Anglican parish located at 1510 Dingwall Rd. near Highway 19A, is the oldest church and oldest building on Vancouver Island north of Nanaimo. It was built in 1873, coincidentally the same year that Parliament established the North-West Mounted Police, a precursor to the modern RCMP force.


Christ the King Catholic Church
1599 Tunner Drive, Courtenay

Christmas Nativity Scene at Christ the King Church

A ten-acre parcel of land adjacent to Ryan Road was acquired and the present structure completed, and dedicated on Saturday, June 6, 1992.  Go to link below for church history 

Christ The King Parish
1599 Tunner Dr.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 8N3
p: 250.334.4716 


 Living Hope Christian Fellowship 
We would like to invite you to join us for our Sunday Service.  Living Hope Chrisitan Fellowship is a community of people learning what it means to love and follow Jesus, to love each other and the community in which we live.  We are real people, living real life, experiencing real change. 
Join us Sunday mornings at 10am.

Living Hope Christian Fellowship
2B-2364 Rosewall Cres
Courtenay, BC
V9N 8R9
p: 250.334.9777

 St. John the Divine Anglican Church
5th street & Harmston Ave.
The Anglican Church of Saint John The Divine is located in the heart of downtown Courtenay on the corner of 5th Street and Harmston - the old orchard area of the City.
The Parish of St. John The Divine in Courtenay is one of two Anglican parishes serving the people of the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
One of the "daughter churches" that sprang forth from St. Andrews, the first mission, in the Comox Valley during the 19th century, was St. John The Divine which was built in 1915. This occurred under the direction of the then, Vicar, the Rev. E.P. Laycock, who was a trained architect.

St. John The Divine Anglican
579 5th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1K2
p: 250.334.4331
History - http://stjohnthedivinecourtenay.bc.anglican.ca/fifth.html


Courtenay Baptist Church Sign

 Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church
The beginning of Courtenay Baptist Church goes back to the year of 1953. The seed thought for a Baptist work to begin in the Comox Valley was found in a lady by the name of Mrs. Leah Evans. She was the wife of Mr. Bert Evans and mother of five children. She was a close friend of Miss Mary Farrow, who is now Mrs. Mary Morson. At that time they worshipped together at the Four Square Church in Courtenay.............
History: http://www.courtenaybaptist.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=3&Itemid=12

Courtenay Fellowship Baptist Church
2963 Lake Trail Rd.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 9V2
p: 250.334.3432

Sherab Chamma Ling
407A 5th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1J7
p: 250.334.0306


Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Chapel
Roman Catholic Chapel for 19 Wing Comox 
Admin Asst: 
(250) 339-8273
(250) 339-8211 ext. 8389 
Chapel Services
Sunday Mass: 1000 hrs
Weekday Masses: Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri - 1130 hrs


Christian Fellowship Aaron House 
2946 Kilpatrick Ave.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 8P1
p: 250.338.1312

Morning Service 11 am
Evening Service 7pm


  River Heights Church & Calvary Community Church
River Heights Church
2201 Robert Lang Dr.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1A4
p: 250.334.8424

Meetings Sunday 10:30 am


Calvary Community Church
2201 Robert Lang Dr,
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1A4
p: 250.334.8424


                                                    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

 Sign on side of Church

 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
1901 20th St.
Courtenay, BC
p: 250.334.2523


Northgate Church Sign on Cumberland Road

 Northgate Foursquare Church

Courtenay Foursquare Gospel Church
1640 Burgess Rd.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 5W8
p: 250.334.2727

e-mail: info@ngate.ca
Website: http://www.ngate.ca 
Free store (Clothing store in trailer in back of church)Supplying free clothing to anyone who needs it.
Soup & Sandwich Kitchen


 Central Evangelical Free Church

Central Evangelical Free Church
Office - 505 Fitzgerald Ave.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 2R2
p: 250.338.7727

Services held at the Stan Hagan Theatre of the 
North Island College at 10 am Sunday Morning


 Sign at the Salvation Army Church on Fitzgerald Ave.
 The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army
1580 Fitzgerald Ave.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 2S2
p: 250.338.8221
Gospel Church


The services for this church are held in a home at 1814 Grant St. Courtenay, BC
Abundant Life Chapel
1814 Grant Ave.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 2T7
p: 250.334.2777


Elim Gospel Chapel Sign

Elim Gospel Church


 At Elim Gospel Chapel our vision is to share the good news of Christ's death and resurrection with thousands of unchurched friends and people in the Comox Valley, many of whom accept him as Savior.
Our vision is to develop all our people--new believers as well as established believers--into fully functioning followers of Christ through people-friendly worship services, Sunday school, special events and most important, small groups.
Our vision is to become a church of small groups where our people model Biblical community: a safe place where we accept one another and are accepted, love and are loved, shepherd and are shepherded, encourage and are encouraged, forgive and are forgiven, and serve and are served............
Elim Gospel Church
566 5th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1K3
p: 250.334.2823


 Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church Sign

   Faith Lutheran Church
Faith Lutheran Church Courtenay,
is a member of Lutheran Church - Canada. We are comitted to the Lutheran Confessions and the historic Christian principle that a man is put right with God by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church!

The Apostle Paul frequently greeted early Christians to whom he wrote with the words 'Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.' God's grace and peace were an important part of the early Christian message. The angels who announced the Good News of our Saviour's birth to the shepherds near Bethlehem also proclaimed God's grace and peace
The members of Faith Lutheran offer that same timeless greeting of God's grace and peace to you. We hope and pray you will find God's amazing grace and peace for your own life here. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Do not be afraid to ask. We welcome the oppurtunity to become better acquainted with you. God Bless.
Faith Lutheran Church
1688 McPhee Ave.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 3A5
p: 250.334.2141 

 St. Barnabas Orthodox Church Sign

Location of Services for St. Barnabas Orthodox Church

 This church is located just outside the City of Courtenay Boundry but I have included it on this page as it is so close. 

St. Barnabas Orthodox Church of the Comox Valley

St. Barnabas Orthodox Church is in the Archdiocese of Canada under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America (O.C.A.). All services are in English and the Church uses the “new” (Gregorian) calendar.
For many Western Christians, the Eastern Orthodox Church is unknown to them or is very much a mystery to them. We hope to alleviate that mystery and bring to light the wonder and teaching of the oldest Church in the world.
If you have questions about the Orthodox Church, her theology, history, etc., you can go to the Question & Answer page on the O.C.A. Website (http://www.oca.org) or you can contact Fr. Alexis Nikkel by phone or e-mail.....

St. Barnabas Orthodox Church
3105 Ayrton Road (Comox-Strathcona A)
Courtenay, BC    V9N 9N8
Home: 250-703-9594
Courtenay, BC    V9N 9N8 Canada
Home: 250-703-9594

 Sign facing Headquarters Road
 Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
4660 Headquarters Rd.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 9H3
p: 250.338.5258


Grace Baptist Church 

Grace Baptist Church 
467 4th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1G9
p: 250.338.8454
E-mail: info@gbccv.org
Web site: www.gbccv.org


 St. Georges United Church

Biographical history

St. George's United Church was founded in 1925 with church union. Its predecessors date back to 1887 when St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in nearby Sandwick was established. In 1892, a Presbyterian congregation was established in Courtenay when the minister from Sandwick began regular evening services in the Courtenay school house, and later in the Agricultural hall. In 1912, it was decided a church would be built in Courtenay and St. George's Presbyterian Church, Courtenay was opened in December, 1913. It became St. George's United Church in 1925 and continues its life today. The Methodist Church did not have a congregation in Courtenay. St. George's United Church was part of Victoria Presbytery from 1925 to 1959 and Comox-Nanaimo Presbytery since that time. The Courtenay Pastoral Charge also included Sandwick and Comox from 1925 to 1953, and included Comox from 1954 to 1962. Since 1963 to the present time, it has been a one point Pastoral Charge.          

St. Georges United Church
505 6th St.
Courtenay, BC
V9N 1M5
p: 250.334.4961


 Sign at entrance to Lewis Park

Church of Christ holds Sunday morning services in the  The Tsolum Building
Church of Christ
The Tsolum Building
Lewis Park, Courtenay, BC


 Sign on Church of the United Pentecostal Church

   Valley United Pentecostal Church

Valley United Pentecostal Church
1814 Fitzgerald Ave.
250 338-7877


 Kingdom Hall sign on Dingwall Road

 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
1581 Dingwall
Courtenay, BC
250 338 6332


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