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The Comox Valley - Welcome

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  A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley 

includes the

City of  Courtenay
Town of Comox 
Village of Cumberland

 the communities of

  Union Bay, Royston, 
 Fanny Bay, Buckley Bay
 Denman Island, Hornby Island
which are listed under 
The Comox Valley - south

Merville, Miracle Beach,  Black Creek, 
which are listed under
The Comox Valley - North  
Welcome to my posts on the  Comox Valley

 "A great place to visit, a better place to live"

This blog is for you, who have shown an interest in 
what our valley is all about. 

 Are you thinking of visiting or moving to the Comox Valley,  then I hope these posts will be a help to you

The Comox ValleyVancouver Island, B.C.

Brief History
Governor James Douglas first visited the Comox area aboard the Beaver in 1853 and recognized the region’s agricultural potential. Comox was described by many as the best region for farming on the Island. In 1862, the first wave of settlers arrived in Augusta Bay (Comox Bay) aboard the Grappler to begin farming. Most staked out land on the prairie in order to avoid clearing the dense forest. One settler, James Robb saw the potential of a town site next to the deep water of Augusta Bay and eventually his dream was realized.

Comox Valley History
In 1991 an excavation took place and what was removed were the bones of an elasmosaur. Coast Salish Indians were the first human inhabitants of the Comox Valley but their history is much more recent then the 80 million years ago the 10 metre marine reptile lived in the shallow sea that is now the Comox Valley. A reconstruction of the elasmosaur is now on display in the Courtenay Museum.
The first non-native settlers arrived in 1862 when the Hudson Bay Company sent a group of 60 people to farm the area. One year later coal found on the Tsable River, west of Buckley, resulted in the opening of the first mine.

The Valley is also known as The Valley of Festivals. Events include (amongst others) the Art & Bloom Festival, North Island Hot Jazz Festival, Comox Valley Shellfish Festival, About Town!, Marina Park Main Event, CYMC Summer School & Festival, Vancouver Island MusicFest, Hornby Island Festival, Filberg Festival, Comox Nautical Days, Comox Valley Exhibition Fall Fair and the Big Time Out.

There are many events, festivals etc., too many to list, but as I attend them I will post pictures. 
This blog is not meant to be a written history of the Comox Valley area but just pictures of interest to the viewer. 
Welcome to the Comox Valley
Comox Valley Visitor Centre

As you take exit 117 from Highway 19 turning right to go into Courtenay you will be passing our new Visitor Centre on your right, the largest visitor information centre on Vancouver Island. Stop in see their display of activities related to the Comox Valley such as a breaching orca, collection of live oysters, a Vancouver Island Marmot and a diverse indoor forest. and to pick up brochures to the local motels and eateries etc. to help you enjoy your visit to the Comox Valley. They are located at 3607 Small Road. 

 Sign along Hwy 19 as you enter the Comox Valley

Sign on Hwy 10 near the Courtenay, Comox & Cumberland exit

 Part of the Tourist Bureau as seen from the Highway
 Tourist bureau as seen from the Small Road entrance 
 Sign at entrance to Visitor Centre

 Display outside the tourist bureau
 Sign under the Jet on display


I have divided my information into numerous posts to make viewing easier. The contents of the posts are listed on the left hand side of the page and you can click on the ones that interest you
I hope you enjoy viewing my pictorial view of the Comox Valley as much as I have in creating it and sharing all the wonderful places and events that seem to increase day by day.  

Shopping in the Comox Valley
We have the largest Cosco and Wal Mart stores on Vancouver Island, we will soon be having a Target Store, we also have most of the other brand named stores. 
Our downtown shopping is unique and has many beautiful stores to choose from.  We have a great selection of restaurants as well. 
There is always something going on in the Valley that will suit every individual taste.

Community Links

There are service clubs, community services, outdoor and indoor sports groups, visual and performing arts, youth groups, senior activities, and more. For more information contact one of the following web sites. 

For community services in the Comox Valley 

Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland Chamber of Commerce

Comox Valley Regional District

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