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Comox Valley South - Hornby Island

Post #8 - Hornby Island - Comox Valley South

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    A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley 

Hornby Island

 Hornby Island Real Estate Map

Hornby Island

Population: 1,000

Location: Hornby Island is located off the eastern shore of central Vancouver Island, east of De
nman Island and opposite Buckley Bay, 12 miles (20 km) south of Courtenay and one hour north of Nanaimo.

"To reach Hornby Island take the Denman Island Ferry from Buckley Bay, off Hwy #19a or take Buckley Bay exit #101 from Hwy #19. Once on the island, follow Denman Road to the Hornby Island Ferry terminal. Another 10 minute ferry ride will put you on Hornby Island."

Tribune Bay Provincial Park is a provincial park located on Hornby Island in British ColumbiaCanada. It features a broad, crescent-shaped beach of white sand, Tribune Bay (a shallow, warm-water bay), and spring wildflowers. There are opportunities for canoeing, fishing, hiking, tennis, picnicking, and open water swimming.  
The bay (and hence the park) was named after the HMS Tribune, a ship stationed there in 1859-60 and 1864.[1]

 Painting of Tribune Bay Beach
Helliwell Provincial Park is a provincial park in British ColumbiaCanada located on a headland at the southeast end of Hornby Island.
The land, formerly a farm belonging to the Acton family, was donated by Mr. J. L. Helliwell.[3] The park was established by Order in Council 2681 on September 16, 1966 and expanded several times thereafter.[1] Its 2,872 hectares (7,100 acres) now include Flora Islet and part of Lambert Channel.[2]
 Mount Geoffrey Regional Nature Park is regional park in British ColumbiaCanada, located on Hornby Island. It covers an area of 303 hectares (750 acres), including the 330-metre (1,080 ft)[2] summit of Mount Geoffrey, the highest point on the island.There are facilities for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.From the beach to the top of Mt.Geoffrey were you will find an extensive network of trails. 
Population: 1,000

Location: Hornby Island is located off the eastern shore of central Vancouver Island, east of De
nman Island and opposite Buckley Bay, 12 miles (20 km) south of Courtenay and one hour north of Nanaimo.

Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park
 "Mount Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial Park is located on the southwest side of Hornby Island.  The park was designated as a Class A Provincial Park in 2004. The park provides recreational opportunities such as hiking and mountain biking on three main trails that offer spectacular views.
All of the north and south Gulf Islands are sensitive and dry ecosystems. Please respect the natural habitats, stay on trails, and be careful with smoking to prevent fires.  When visiting the park, please park in designated parking areas and respect private property.
Park size: 187 hectares
Special Park Features: The waters of Lambert Channel are part of Helliwell Provincial Park. This area is managed as a marine protected area and has the following commercial fishery closures: anchovy, surf perch, pile perch, sea cucumber, octopus, scallop, squid, red urchin, Pacific oyster and green urchin. There are no recreational restrictions, although local fishers have implemented a voluntary closure on all marine life."


 Hornby Island Ferry 

Hornby Island Ferry
Shingle Spit
4000 Central Road
Hornby Island, BC


 Hornby Island Farmer's Market

 Sollans Road next to R.C.M.P. Station "The Hornby Island Farmers' Market was created in 1995 out of the need to promote and facilitate the display and sale of the ever growing bounty generated on our island, be it produce or crafts.
The Hornby Island Ratepayers Association donated the original site and from its humble beginnings to the present move to the new park, the market has been a success. The "Make it, Bake it, Grow it" motto allows the patrons to be assured of Hornby Island quality and diversity at its best. The market has grown over the years into a full bloom summer event."

 Booths set up among the trees

 Booths set up among the trees 
 Hornby Farmer's Market signs to booth

Peace Signs for sale at Farmer's Market

Wood Art at Hornby Farmer's Market

Canadian Flag art for sale at Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market clothing & wool booth


Cottage Industry on Hornby Island

Hornby Island Energy Bars & Energy Balls

These bars are so good, very addictive 

 A great gift idea for any time of the year, this was a Christmas Display


Carbrea Winery 

 Carbrea Vineyard on Hornby island 
1885 Central Road
(250) 335-1240

"Small lots of hand crafted wines are produced in Carbrea's micro-winery. We use French oak for aging our red wines and malolactic fermentation to reduce acidity and soften the wines. Italian stainless fermentation tanks are used for aging our whites."
Stephen and Suzie

.......... "Stephen came back to Hornby to run his family's business, Sea Breeze Lodge, in 1991. There he and his wife started their family and continued to successfully run Sea Breeze for ten years.
In 2001 Stephen & Suzie bought their own home on Hornby on 10 acres of agricultural land. After much research and industry study they planted the first stage of their vineyard in 2002. Stephen continues to manage Sea Breeze and juggle winemaking, vineyard management and family"......

Interesting Buildings

 Interesting Out House on Hornby Island


Ford's Cove Marina on Hornby Island
10835 Central Road, Hornby Island
Fords Cove Resort and Store
"Matthew Fredbeck grew up at the Cove, taking over Ford Cove Resort and Store from his mother a few years ago. The Store is an important stop for most essentials, has a great DVD selection, and has also developed a reputation for fantastic thin crust pizza. The cabins and campground at the Cove are a marvelous place to stay year round. Open 8am - 9:30pm during the summer and 8am - 8pm during the rest of the year. Call 250-335-2169 for information or visit"

Matthew Fredbeck - proprietor 

Getting ready to Kayak at Ford's Cove Marina  
Shoreline & rock formation at Ford's Cove Marina

Ringside Market  
 Central Road, Hornby 

                                  Hornby Island Ringside Market
                                  Central Road | Hornby Island, BC
"When out riding my bike, I have been stopped by visitors asking "which way to town?" Hornby doesn't have a town, but we have something even better - The Ringside Market."
"The Ringside Market is a circle of intimate shops, cafés, artisan booths and the Co-op. This is where islanders, summer residents and visitors come together to grab a bite, get that important plumbing bit, or have our bikes tuned up. More than just a being our commercial centre, Ringside is also the social heart of Hornby. More "business" is done in the produce section of the Co-op than just about anywhere else. The Co-op porch is where you can find out about upcoming events, meetings and what movie is playing that weekend"............

A few of the stores at Ringside Market

Cafe at Ringside Market on Hornby Island

 Eating area at Cafe at Ringside Market

Interesting tree stump at clothing store, Ringside Market

32 Books at Ringside Market

  Ringside Market stores 

 Clothing store at Ringside Market


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  2. Hornby Island Energy Bars is now "Hornby Organic" Hornby Foods Inc, Comox, BC