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Town of Comox - Churches

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A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley

Churches in the Town of Comox

There are several church denomination's that hold services in other churches, homes or halls. I have not always included the picture's of these locations.  I may have missed a church, if so I apologize, please let me know and I will rectify it. If there is any church that does not exist anymore please let me know. Some of the churches are just outside the boundaries of the Town of Comox but near enough to be included in the district.

Town of Comox and area churches
St. Peter's Anglican Church Sign

     St. Peter's Anglican Church

 A Brief History of St. Peter's

The parish of Comox originally included the whole of the Comox Valley, including Comox, Sandwick and Courtenay. Initially services were located at St. Andrew's Mission at Sandwick. The district became a parish officially in 1871, with the Reverend Jules Xavier as the first minister.
The first St. Peter's Church building on the present site was built in 1891 and completed in 1893. Land for the new church had been donated by Mr. W.R. Robb, with the understanding that it be built immediately, at a cost of approximately two thousand dollars. A donation to the building fund in the name of Dunsmuir is believed to be from Robert Dunsmuir of Cumberland, Nanaimo and Victoria. The church was completed at a cost of $2218, and was consecrated on June 10, 1891, with Jules Willemar as the first incumbent.
The geographical definition of St. Peter's parish was centred on the Town of Comox, but over the first 48 years, it was gradually expanded to include Point Holmes, Kye Bay, Little River and Seal Bay. By 1939, the parishioners decided that a larger and more modern building was needed. The final service in the old church was held May 21, 1939, and demolition begun.
The foundation for the present St. Peter's Anglican Church in Comox was laid on the original site. The cornerstone was formally placed on September 3, 1939,...............

St. Peter Anglican
218 Church St.
Comox, BC
V9M 2G3
p: 250.339.2925 

                                             Cemetery Plaque in front of  
                 St. Peter's Anglican Church, Comox
                        The Royal Navy Graves of St. Peter's Church, Comox, BC

                      There is a small cemetery in the front garden of St. Peter's Church  
                            Names of those interred are on the plaque in the cemetery


 Bay Community Church Sign
  Bay Community Church
Bay Community Church was started in 1989.  We are a family of people from various church and non-church backgrounds, united around faith in Christ and commitment to putting Bible into practice.  Bay is part of the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada.

Community Church
Bay Community Church
1105 Pritchard Rd.
Comox, BC
V9M 3S8
p: 250.339.7527



Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church holds services in the  Roman Catholic Heritage Church

Shepherd of the Valley is an active mission congregation of about forty families. Program activities include Senior's Weekly Bible group, ladies' group, annual Easter sonrise service, Shrove Tuesday pancake suppers, Bowling Dinner and Tacky Gift Exchange. Our Shepherd's Pantry distributes two to three food hampers per month.
Worship is held in the Roman Catholic Heritage Church, 2182 Comox Avenue

2182 Comox Ave.PO Box 1358
Comox BC V9M 7Z9
p: 250.339.3933


 Pentecostal Church Sign, Comox

 Comox Pentecostal Church
Comox Pentecostal Church
1919 Guthrie Rd.
Comox, BC
V9M 3X7
p: 250.339-4536 


 Comox Valley Presbyterian Church Sign

 Comox Valley Presbyterian Church
Comox Valley Presbyterian Church was established in 1995 and moved into its present building in 2001.  Its founding minister, The Rev. D’Arcy Lade, worked diligently for 10 years establishing the congregation until his untimely death in 2005.  The ability of the congregation to carry on after his illness  and death is a tribute to the visionary, passionate and steadfast ministry D’Arcy provided over those ten years.
Comox Valley Presbyterian
725 Aspen Rd.
Comox, BC
V9M 4E9
p: 250.339.2882 


Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship Church

 Services are held in the Comox United Church
Being a spiritual community that celebrates diversity of people, opinions and belief, we want to extend this heart-felt welcome to all of you interested in attending our worship services, participating in a revitalizing workshop or becoming part of our spiritual community. Meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday.

Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship
250 Beach Dr.
Comox, BC
V9M 1P9
p: 250.890.9262


 Comox United Church Sign facing Comox Ave

 Comox United Church

For the history of the Comox United Church "http://www.comoxunitedchurch.com/" go to Church History 

The Church was constructed in 1968 and consists of the main sanctuary, administrative offices, church hall, kitchen and various meeting rooms.Comox United Church currently has approximately 250 members and adherents.

United Church Of Canada
Comox United Church
250 Beach Dr.
Comox, BC
V9M 2P9
p: 250.339.3966
f: 250.339.7893



Part of this Children's Day Care was once The Comox United Church and was used before the present day Comox United Church on Beach St. was built


 Sign at front of Church

 St. Michael and All Angels Protestant Chapel
 Protestant Chapel for 19 Wing Comox
Chapel Services
Divine Services: Sundays - 1000 hrs
Holy Communion/Eucarist: 1st Sun. of the Month - 1000 hrs
Military Row (Across from Comox Museum Display), Comox, BC

  Resonate Community Baptist Church

"Ongoing programs : We hold weekly worship services in space rented from a local public school.we provide ministries for men, women, youth and children on a weekly or bi weekly basis.

Resonate Community Baptist Church,
Brooklyn Elementary School,
1590 Guthrie, Comox, BC


                                                        Comox Community Baptist Church Sign 

      Comox Community Baptist Church / Comox Valley Korean Baptist Church 

 Comox Community Baptist Church,

1250 Anderton Rd, 
Comox, BC, V9M 3Z2


Church of our Lord
Berwick House
Sunday Service 9:30 am
1700 Comox Road


Comox Community Baptist Church
1250 Anderton Road, 
Comox, BC
Service 10:30 am


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