Monday 21 January 2013

Comox Valley South - Tree or Sandy Island

Post #8c - Tree or Sandy Island - Comox Valley South

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     A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley 

  Tree Island or Sandy Island
  •                            Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park

 "Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park includes Sandy Island - known locally as Tree Island - and the nearby Seal Islets. The park is located off the northern tip of Denman Island and is accessible by boat from Union Bay on Vancouver Island or by foot from Denman Island at low tide. 

  • Visitors walking to Sandy Island need to be aware of the tides so they don’t become stranded at high tides. The park is only accessible by foot at a low tide of 8 feet or less.
  • Sandy Island and the Seal Islets are part of White Spit, which extends out from Denman Island towards Courtenay. Use caution while boating, as many areas are not navigable due to shallow waters.
This park has long been popular with Comox Valley residents, and is becoming a draw for visitors as well. Sandy Island offers good opportunities for bird watching and nature appreciation, as well as sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

Sandy Island is a sensitive ecosystem of rare and fragile plants and animals. Numerous species of birds make their home on the islands and observing these can provide endless hours of enjoyment for photographers and nature lovers.

History - Sandy Island was established as a provincial park in 1966. Prior to being a park, the island was used by the Department of National Defense for military exercises.
Park Size: 18 hectares"

Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park, Denman Island, BC
Located off the northwest tip of Denman Island, just offshore from Royston, is Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park. At spring low tide the 33-hectare Sandy Island is connected to Longbeak Point on Denman Island by an exposed sand bank. The marine park is ideal for day trips and overnight camping, and offers 8 rustic campsites set in a wonderful grove of Douglas-fir trees.

"No fires" sign, Sandy Island Provincial Marine Park sign and bulletin board on Tree Island 
 A long log washed up on the shore of Tree Island

  Tree or Sandy Island
At low tide you can cross over to Denman Island on the sand bar from Tree Island
  Oyster shells on Tree Island
 Birds on Tree Island


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