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Village of Cumberland - Mining Community

Post - #4c - Cold Mining Communities - Village of Cumberland

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     A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley

Memories of the Cold Mining communities 
in Cumberland

Chinese, Japanese and Black Community

 Perseverance Creek Hertiage Site sign

  China Town
Entrance to the Chinese Heritage Site

Cumberland Chinatown
The Cumberland Chinese began arriving around 1888, may migrating into the Cumberland mines.  They built a thriving community to sustain the associations and activities of the traditional Chinese culture. 
Cumberland Chinatown was an organized, self-contained business centre.  Farms along the Lake Road and Minto Road supplied vegetables to the Chinese Community, as well as to the hospital and the residents of Cumberland.
The few children in Chinatown attended public school during the day and Chinese school in the evenings and on weekends.  Local Chinese residents fonly remember Mrs. Finch and Mr. George Apps, their Sunday school teachers.
Due to government regulations and a declining coal market, many of the members of the Chines community returned to China or moved on to find employment on other locations.  Some remained in Cumberland Chinatown where they continued to operate businesses,  By the mid 1960's only one store, Mah Kim Brothers, remained, operated by Tommy Hah.
Information is from the Comox Valley Heritage Experience, Cumberland Heritage Walks sign. 

Cumberland Chinatown Sign

 Perseverance Creek Hertiage Site in part
the following is a full view of the sign

 Sign at picnic pavilion

 The picnic tables have plaques on them, the following are an example


There are a number of interesting photos along the walkway showing the location of the buildings 
and some of the history 


Japanese Town

 Sign at Heritage Park
 No. 1 Japanese Town  Sign


Remembering the Miners

A Cairn marks the site of the above  plaques
They are at two locations along the road to Comox Lake

  Chinese & Japanese Cemetery  

 Japanese and Chinese Cemetery
 Plaque on Monument in Cemetery
Monument in Cemetery for the Japanese and Chinese
who lived and worked in Cumberland

 Cumberland Chinese Cemetery Sign 

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