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Town of Comox - Beaches

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A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley
Town of Comox - Beaches 

Beaches accessible from the Town of Comox area
 There are several beaches that surround the Comox Peninsula
 and are easily accessible from the Town of Comox.

 Goose Spit Regional Park

Lazo North - Hawkins Road, Comox, BC
Goose Spit Regional Park in Comox is one of the best windsurfing locations on the central coast. A long neck of sand curves out into Comox Harbour, where a strong wind rises most afternoons, as winds funnel off the Strait of Georgia and up the flanks of Forbidden Plateau. To find the park, head south of Comox on Comox Road, then turn left on Pritchard Road and right on Balmoral to Lazo Road, beyond which Balmoral becomes Hawkins Road and leads out to the spit.

Beach at Goose Spit - Comox

 Walking along the Spit at Goose Spit

 Point Holmes/Cape Lazo

Point Holmes/Cape Lazo
 Lazo Road, Comox, BC
Point Holmes/Cape Lazo is one of the best spots in the Comox Valley to view a wide range of sea life in tidal pools and under the stones. Backed by steep glacial till bluffs, the foreshore is a mix of seaweed covered cobblestone, sand and large rocks which can make walking difficult for small children or those unsteady on their feet. Exploring tidal pools at low tide it is possible to see red rock crabs, purple encrusting sponge, wrinkled dogwelks, sea anemones and a variety of seastars. Gulls, Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles and water birds are often present. There is also a superb view of the Strait of Georgia, islands and the BC Coastal Mountain range. Point Holmes is also a great place for winter storm watching from the comfort of your vehicle. 

 Point Holmes - Lazo, BC


                                              Kye Bay

Kye Bay offers beautiful sandy beaches and many shallow tidal pools perfect for the kids. If you plan it just right when the tide is coming in the water is in credibly warm as it passes over the hot sand.
Kye Bay is the perfect place to pack a picnic, bring the kids and the dog, and spend the day at the beach.
Follow Ryan Rd till you get to the very end (at the base) and turn right on Pritchard. Follow along till you get to the next main intersection and turn right (Knight Rd). Keep going for a while – you’ll pass the airport and a number of farms. (If they’re open, pop into Sieferts Farm for a little treat). Continue along Knight Rd till you find your next left. (Its the last, and only street, before the hill down to Pt. Holmes. This road will lead you right to the beach.

Kye Bay offers miles of sandy beaches with warm and safe swimming from May to October. When the tide goes out, it exposes a wonderful reef with an abundance of clams and oysters. Small fish and other fascinating sea life are found in the tidal pools. When the tide comes in, Kye Bay becomes a playground for seals, and a hunting ground for Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, and Osprey.... Georgia Strait always offers a diverse fleet of cruise ships, coastal freighters, and large sailing yachts.
 Take the new, four lane Inland Island Highway from Victoria or Nanaimo, taking exit 117 toward Comox.   
Information from the Kye Bay Guest Lodge & Cottages, 590 Windslow Road, Comox, BC

 Kye Bay & Beach
 Kye Bay Beach

 Kye Bay Beach

 Kin Beach

Located in the Comox Valley on central Vancouver Island, Kin Beach Provincial Park offers a large day-use area with picnic facilities and a playground, as well as a campground. This small park overlooks the Strait of Georgia and offers scenic views of the mainland. Visitors and local residents head to Kin Beach to explore the rocky beach or enjoy a picnic under the shade of mature Douglas fir trees.
A large open grassy field is another feature of this park, situated in a quiet residential section of Comox near the air force  base. A small store selling snacks and toiletries is located next to the parking lot in the day-use area.                              
Kin Beach Provincial Park is located in the Comox Valley on central Vancouver Island. This park can be reached from the top of Ryan Road in Comox, right before the entrance to 19 Wing Comox. Turn left on Little River Road then right on Kilmorley Road. Stay to the left until you reach the park. Nearby communities include Courtenay and the Comox Valley.

Welcome sign at Kin Beach Provincial Park

                                                                         Kin Beach                                                                                     

 Office & Store at Kin Beach

                                         Air Force Beach 

Air Force beach is part of the Military base in Comox and is for use of the military personal only. It can be seen from Kye Beach.  It is usually upon to the public to watch the Snow Birds when they are at the Comox Base to practice in late March or Early April.

Air Force Beach and Campground as seen from Kye Beach


 Beach Area near Little River Ferry

Little River Beach Area near Ferry Terminal


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