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City of Courtenay - Do You Remember

Post #3f - Do You Remember - City of Courtenay, BC

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 A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley 

Do You Remember!


Leung Grocery Ltd.
456 5th Street
Leung’s Grocery store opened in 1950, another enterprise of
Leung Gang, a market gardener who had, in 1929, opened a store
in Cumberland to sell his produce. His eldest son, Norm, has
continued to operate the store, a third generation of the Low
Hock Sung family to have a grocery store in the Comox Valley.

The Lily Garden Restaurant, once located next door, was originally operated by Norm’s brother Cyril. When he retired, Norm joined the spaces and hired a cook for the lunch counter, keeping the authentic 1950s d├ęcor. It is reported to sell the best hamburgers in town! Fred Leung, the youngest brother, was honoured in the walk of achievement for his work in biochemistry.

  Leung Grocery closing sale
During construction at the Bank of Nova Scotia this former "Fields" sign was discovered
This beautiful mural was painted on the wall to enhance and preserve the original "Fields" Sign

 Palace Theatre, 397 Fifth St.
The Palace Theatre was opened November 21, 1940 and closed July 4, 2007, it held 449 seats. It was formerly known as the E. W. Bickle Theatre.  A fire occurred while re-roofing the building and it was decided not to rebuild, it was demolished in April 2008.

 The Place Theatre after the fire
 These wildflowers were planted on the former Place Theatre lot by the former owners of Zen Zero
 (Zen Zero is a Vegan Eatery and Smoothie Bar) 
 The Courtenay Hotel, This lovely old building has been dismantled, it was located across from Lewis Park on the Old Island Highway 

Do you remember this decor on the 
Union Street Grill, 477 5th St. Downtown Courtenay, BC
Union Street Grill and Grotto
Note: This picture was taken several years ago and the design on the building is now painted over.

 McGavin's Bakery when it was on the corner of  Ryan Road opposite the Super Store
Big Island Barbecue is now in this location
After Orbitz closed as a result of a fire, Mad Chef Cafe occupied this building a a few years before moving to 5th St.

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  1. We lived in Comox in 1966..I was 8 years old. My parents rented a beautiful old 3 story house on the main to an old hardware was just down from the library. I have been trying to find a picture of the house or main street. I remember a restaraunt called the Hawaiian??...and going down to the wharf buying fresh steamed prawns or a huge paper bag for a few dollars...and pushing it home on my bike.

  2. my grandma use to work at leungs before it closed she was a cook there i loved going there everyday after school for a burger and a milkshake,there never has and never be a place like that agian

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