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Comox Valley South - Fanny Bay, Buckley Bay etc.

Post #6a - Fanny Bay, Buckley Bay, Ships Point, Mud Bay - Comox Valley South

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  A Pictorial View of the Comox Valley

Comox Valley - South
Fanny Bay, Buckley Bay, Ships Point, Mud Bay
Rosewell Park

Signage on Hwy. 19     


Fanny Bay

Population 815 (2011)
2.8 sq mi
Known for its highly sought after oysters. 

 The tiny oceanside community of Fanny Bay is situated on Baynes Sound, the sheltered narrow strait separating Vancouver Island and Denman Island. The tranquil setting of Fanny Bay overlooks the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands, with the Coastal Mountains of the British Columbia mainland as the backdrop. None of the numerous explanations for the origin of the name Fanny Bay - comical, romantic, local or historical - can be regarded without a measure of skepticism. To read the rest of this interesting article go to the following website.

From Wikipedia
Fanny Bay is well known as a source of farmed shellfish, specifically Pacific oysters (scientific name Crassostrea gigas), manila clams (Venerupis philippinarum), savoury clams (Nuttallia obscurata) and mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), for both domestic and global markets. Fanny Bay, BC was first seeded with oyster and clam seed after World War II (circa 1947) by a pioneer in oyster aquaculture, Joseph McLellan. McLellan imported his first batch of oyster seed from Japan and seeded the beach areas around Fanny Bay - Mud Bay, Ship Point, Buckley Bay and Denman Island. His work started what is now a primary industry in the South Coast of British Columbia, Canada ..............,_British_Columbia

Government sign at Fanny Bay

 Fishing boats at Fanny Bay

Fanny Bay Oysters
 Display at entrance to Fanny Bay Oysters

Oysters bagged for purchase

Signage at Fanny Bay Oysters
                                   Baynes Sound Oyster
 Baynes Sound Oysters
5848 Island HighwaySouth, Union Bay
250 335-2111

Fish Nets, Shells etc at Baynes Sound Oysters

House/Fish Boat near Baynes Sound Oysters 

Mac's Oysters
 Home of Mac's Oysters, Fanny Bay, BC

Mac's Oysters Ltd. Established in 1947.
In British Columbia, modern day shellfish farming, known as aquaculture, was pioneered by our company's founder Joseph McLennan.  Having settled in Fanny  Bay on the shores of Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island in the early 20th century ......  ........ Having seeded the beach area around our plant in Baynes Sound - Fanny Bay, Mud  Bay, Ships Point, Buckley Bay and Denman Island - with this imported oyster seed, Joseph McLennan started what is now a primary industry in our region ....  Owned and operated to his day by Joe's children, grand children and great grand children, Mac's has a long history of oyster and clam farming knowledge to draw on.


                                                          Signs for the Shellfish Industry 

                                                     Do You Remember "The Brico"
 Picture taken a year or so before the  ship was dismantled
The Brico, a vessel once responsible for laying cable along the B.C. coast, was dragged ashore near Fanny Bay and operated as a restaurant for a period of time.

 Fanny Bay Inn, Fanny Bay, BC
Drop in at the landmark Fanny Bay Inn, known on the island as the FBI. This is a real roadhouse, with local clientele, a fine fireplace, the obligatory collection of tankards, a dart board, and hearty pub fare. A low-key, convenient stop on the trek north.
 Picture taken a few years ago, now only the frame of the boathouse remains.
Located just north of Fanny Bay Inn
 Fanny Bay Seniors Hall Sign
 Fanny Bay Seniors Hall  
Memorial Garden at Fanny Bay Seniors Hall
one of two gardens

Sign at Entrance to Fanny Bay Hall

 Fanny Bay Hall, Fanny Bay, BC
Fanny Bay Community Association
7793 Island Highway, Fanny Bay, BC V0R 1W0
Hall Phone: 250-335-2832

                                          Buckley Bay

 Convenience Store & Gas Bar at Buckley Bay Ferry Terminal

 Denman & Hornby Island Ferry Terminal

Ships Point and Ships Point Park

  Sign welcoming you to Ships Point
 A touch of Humour next to the Ships Point Sign
Bed & Breakfast at Ships Point Inn

                                             Sign at entrance to Ship's Point Park

 View from Ships Point Park
 Interesting Stone at Ships Point Park
 One of the logs laying on the Beach at Ships Point Park

 Bench at Ships Point Park
Mud Bay
Mud Bay is a shallow tidal bay south of Fanny Bay and it bounds the south end of the Comox Valley. There are about 125 people living in the area around Mud Bay.


Rosewell Creek Provinical Park

Rosewall Creek  Sign
Rosewall Provincial Park  Sign

 Rosewall Creek with Hwy 19 overpass in the background.
 Picture taken from bridge over Rosewall Creek on Hwy. 19 A

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